Interview mit TALCO


Your music has always had a strong connection to antifascism and antiracism. How come?

Naturally, we started as a normal bands of friends and students that played demencial songs, and then without forcing anything. we started to talk about politics on our songs. It was normal for us because it was and it’s our interest!

One could think music with a political aim is boring. Talco shows the opposite! Is the clear antifascist and rebellious attitude a secret of your powerful shows?

I think we have always to make a great distinction between talking about politics and being politicans….we’re musicians, and music is our “weapon”, talking about politics it’s only a way to talk about what we think it’s really important to consider in our lives and in the world. But I think that our role is as musicians first of all.

You published a videoclip to your song „Danza dell’autunno rosa“. At the beginning the whole world seems to be frozen in a way of sleep. In the end people are dancing through the streets – shouting, laughing and raising their fists. What does this song mean to you?

It’s a critic to new wave of false leftist moderate institutional parties that kill ideals, forgetting them for power. Danza dell’autunno rosa, like la Torre, is one of our most important songs, also because talk about the crisis of pure and moral ideals that is the base of all our topics!

We are happy that you will play at Rebellisches Musikfestival this year.

Thank you very much for the interview and see you at Rebellisches Musikfestival!

Thank you too, we’re really happy to play on the festival, and hope people like our show. It’s Germany, so as usual we expect the best for a country that adopted us many years ago!